Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the spirit of Jon Stewart I want to bring some sensibility back into the political discussion here on the Oregon Coast.  To accomplish this I'm going to examine comments, news releases, and 'news' items by both sides.  It's my view that one can only gain if one has information available, or has it provided, from which to make informed judgements.

I'm a progressive so it's only natural I start by looking at some conservative stuff.  Recently, our friendly conservative fear machine, America PAC, is putting out a series of what appears to be extreme and misleading fear mongering.  But, are they telling the truth?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do they still think we're stupid, or, are they playing a winning strategy?


Here it is 2010, a depression has been stopped, the Auto Industry has been saved, Bank are now being regulated so they can't just take your grandma's money and play with it. Jobs have gone from being lost at 750,000 per month to increasing by 125,000 a month, Medicare solvency has been extended by 12 years, up to 97% of all people are about to have health insurance without rear of losing it for pre-existingconditions, or, going broke when they get sick.
          So what are Republicans doing? Are they just blocking everything.  What's this worrying that our defecit, yeah, the defecit they largly created, is going to do to our businesses.  Yet, they want to continue the silly tax cuts that oould put our government into the dumper.

Are these ploys just bubbling up or are they taking adavantage of perceived Democratic Party over reaching?  Whichever route they are taking does the Democratic Party have any openings, paths to victory?