Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the spirit of Jon Stewart I want to bring some sensibility back into the political discussion here on the Oregon Coast.  To accomplish this I'm going to examine comments, news releases, and 'news' items by both sides.  It's my view that one can only gain if one has information available, or has it provided, from which to make informed judgements.

I'm a progressive so it's only natural I start by looking at some conservative stuff.  Recently, our friendly conservative fear machine, America PAC, is putting out a series of what appears to be extreme and misleading fear mongering.  But, are they telling the truth?

A few examples:

A ConservativeActionAlert from AmeriPAC claims a 'surge' crime by illegals in the US.

In fact. according to FBI crime statistics for 2009 "The overall rate of violent crime in Arizona, an immigrant battleground state, declined 14%, with murder type crimes falling a whopping 22%" and others report that "Under Obama, the number of illegal residents and illegal crossings are down, border agents and deportations are up; some reforms (e.g.: the dream act) are even fighting through the filibuster log jam." FBI reports Crime Down in Arizona in 2009

Then they throw one unsubstantiated or outright lie after another at their helpless targets.  I leave it to you to verify their claims in this email.

A ConservativeActionAlert from AmeriPAC proposes " If we elect principled conservatives, we can delay the program's implementation and then repeal it when we defeat Obama in 2012. If we don't, we will lose the greatest medical system the world has ever known."

How do these 'principled conservatives' propose to 'delay'? Why they plan to shut down government like they did in 1995. Just where in the constitution do they find these principles? They don't find it in the constitution. What they plan to do is illegal, unethical, and when you look at what comes to a stop, immoral. We're not going to push too hard, but, by commonly accepted metrics America's medical system ranks 24th for longevity, 72nd in medical outcome, 14th preventable deaths, yet ranks 1st in costs. Are really prepared to chant we're world class in medical costs? National Medical Care System Rankings

We're not trying to convince you. Just look at the data. Look at it sensibly degreased from all the hype and fear. If you do, I'm sure we can come to reasonable solutions arrived at sensibly by examining the facts, developing plans, setting benchmarks, and ensuring we get the necessary jobs done.

We'll try to give you more sources and data so we can avoid the fear and screaming.

Thanks for reading.


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